More info Green Building Course

Training Aims

  • develop an awareness of the environmental problems arising from conventional construction practices 
  • be familiar with the principles and practices of green building 
  • be familiar with the ‘pallette’ of green building materials and techniques available 
  • understand how energy consumption in all stages of a building’s lifecycle can be minimised 
  • acquire the knowledge to be able to communicate their ideas to an architect and become a more informed participant in the process of the design of their own home.

 The Key Topics to be discussed 

  1. Green Building in Perspective
  2. The Elements of a Green House
  3. Choosing Your Materials
  4. Designing for Energy Efficiency
  5. Different Approaches to Meeting Housing Need
  6. Approaching Design
  7. Health and Safety
  8. Practical EcoBuilding

 The learning outcomes for this course are outlined in full in the FETAC L22108 module descriptor. 

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