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What is a Display Energy Certificate(DEC)?DEC Display Energy Certificate


A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is required to be displayed in buildings over 1,000m2 currently resided by any public body. The DEC must be visible to members of the public in an appropriate easy-viewing spot, For example,  DEC must be displayed in schools, libraries etc. This came in to affect as of 1st January 2009. This requirement is to serve as motivation for conscientious and environmentally-friendly use of energy within the building by public authorities.

Who needs a Display Energy Certificate (DEC)?


Any government enacted agency, authority or institution must comply with this regulation. This includes any bodies under The Dept of State, Local Authorities, HSE or public Education institutions.


Energy usage made within the building forms the basis for the DEC and makes a direct comparison to an average level for other buildings of similar occupation. This is all shown on the actual certificate, which uses the familiar scale of A1-G in terms of primary energy used. The energy consumed also provides an indication of CO2 emissions, which is shown on the certificate. Typical buildings with a related average level of energy use produce an E1 rating. The layout of the DEC is specified in S.I. 666 of 2006.

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