Registration with SEAI (post training)

Students who successfully complete the QQI BER Assessor (Dwellings) course will be issued with an exam eligibiliy code to sit the SEAI National BER Exam.

SEAI Domestic BER Examination

The Domestic BER Examination ensures that candidates and registered BER Assessors demonstrate their competence to undertake and provide BERs and accompanying Advisory Reports to a consistently high standard. SEAI regularly updates the examination to reflect the current methodology and software, survey guide, code of practice and technical bulletins. Candidates must pass the SEAI Domestic BER Examination to register as Domestic BER Assessors. Registered Domestic BER Assessors must pass the Domestic BER Examination every two years to maintain their registration.

BER assessors must pass the Domestic BER Examination to:

  • Upload and publish BER assessments on the National Administration System (NAS)
  • Display their details on the Register of BER assessors
  • Offer their services as BER Assessors

Candidates must obtain 50% in all 5 sections of the SEAI National BER Exam and an overall score of 70%.


All BER Assessors are required to have the following Insurance as a condition of registration:

  • Public / Products Liability Insurance with an minimum limit of €6,500,000 any one event for Public Liability
  • Professional liability insurance with a minimum limit of €1,300,000 for any one claim
  • Employers Liability Insurance (applicable to employer/employee registrations only). Policy provides an indemnity limit of not less than €13,000,000 for any one event

A BER Assessor Certificate of Insurance form must be completed by a Registered Insurance Broker or Agent or an Insurance Company licensed to issue cover in the Republic of Ireland, as approved by the Financial Regulator. New applicants are required to submit the certificate of insurance with their application form.

Tax Clearance Certificate

All BER Assessors are required to have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate as a condition of registration. 

New applicants should include the Tax Clearance Certificate with the application form.

You will be required to submit this information when your Tax Clearance Certificate is renewed, amended or updated.

Registration Renewals

Registration is normally for a one-year period. Approximately one month before a BER Assessor’s registration is due for renewal, SEAI will send a renewal notice to him/her. Renewal of registrations is subject to payment of fees, in date Public / Products Liability, Professional liability and if applicable Employers Liability insurance policies and may be subject to additional educational or administrative requirements.

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